Akagera National Park Rwanda Safaris

Located in the low altitude along Rwanda’s border with the neighboring Tanzania, the Akagera National Park could not possibly be more different in ambiance to the windy cultivated hills which characterize most of Rwanda. the terrain is mainly dominated scenically by a maze of swamps plus lakes which follow the winding course of River Akagera , the most distant source of River Nile, this is a conventional African savannah terrain of twisted acacia woodland scattered with open grasslands.
This Akagera is located at an altitude above countries with the large game! A big number of elephants plus bufaloes come from the adjacent woodland to drink water from the lakes, so among the wild animals you will see, if fortunate you may come across a lion or even a spotted hyena.
Zebras and giraffes often wander through the savanna, and over 12 different species of antelopes live within the park; the cute chestnut coated impalas are the most commonly seen although even the very small oribi as well as the tsessebe and the secretive bushbucks, in addition to the eland which is the largest antelope in the world can all be seen within Akagera National Park.
We recommend our visitor to Camp alongside the beautiful Akagera Lake as this is a genuinely mystical introduction to the amazing wonders of Nature within this African bush. Groups of about 50 hippos groan and play in the shallows of the lake throughout the entire day while crocodiles soak in the sun by the lake shore with their huge jaws threateningly opened. The stillness of the area is broken by the memorable echoes of a high duet of fish eagles, making known their status as the crowned heads of the waterways of Africa. the shores of  the lakes crowded with one of the biggest flock of water birds in Africa, as the nearby swamps are home to the beautiful yet decreasing in number papyrus gonolek, as well as the uncommon peculiar shoebill stork (which is among the most sought after bird species on the African continent).

Rwanda Safari Activities within Akagera National Park

Visitors can enjoy memorable boat trips on Lake Ihema which will certainly reward you with an unforgettable experience. However this necessitates that you make your reservation in advance while you are still in the capital Kigali through the ORTPN.  during this trip you will have closer encounters with large hippos, the giant crocodiles as well as see a great diversity of bird species including the African darter, cormorants in addition to the open-bill storks.  In addition the water birds are very may around this lake so you will be able to spot the colorful African jacana on some of the small floating islands vegetation, normally the fish eagles are spotted seen high in the trees, while the malachite kingfisher hawks plus the colorful kingfishers are seen flying over the waters ready to prey fish. Additionally,will also get the chance to spot the marsh specialists such as the marsh flycatcher and the blue headed coucal.

Game Viewing in Akagera National Park

Secondly, Akagera National Park offers thrilling Game drives usually conducted in 4WD vehicle during which you will explore the different game tracks to see the animals here.