7 Day Safari Zimbabwe

Day 1; Arriving in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

When you arrive at Victoria Falls International Airport our representative will be there to welcome you. They will then escort you to your accommodation, in Victoria Falls. Take some time to settle in and unwind appreciating the atmosphere of this town.

Later in the afternoon join a guided tour of the Victoria Falls. Explore viewpoints. Feel the refreshing mist on your face as you stroll along the rainforest trails. Be amazed by the power and breathtaking beauty of one of the worlds waterfalls. In the evening savor a dinner at your lodge. Prepare yourself for exciting adventures ahead.

Days 2 – 3; Exploring Hwange National Park

After breakfast begin on a tour to Hwange National Park, which’s not Zimbabwes largest national park but also a sanctuary for wildlife enthusiasts like yourself. Upon arrival settle into your lodge. Campsite and get ready for thrilling experiences.

Over the two days immerse yourself in all that Hwange National Park has to offer. Experienced guides will lead game drives that traverse landscapes as they search for an abundance of wildlife within the park. Hwange is especially renowned for its elephant herds. Also provides opportunities to spot other iconic species such, as lions, leopards, giraffes, zebras and a wide variety of bird species.
Make the most of your time in the park by exploring its areas increasing your chances of having encounters, with wildlife.

When you’re not out on game drives take some moments to unwind at your lodge. Appreciate its amenities and the tranquility of the surroundings. In the evenings gather around a campfire. Listen to captivating tales about the wilderness.

Days 4 – 5; Mana Pools National Park

After enjoying breakfast head over to Mana Pools National Park, an UNESCO World Heritage Site situated along the banks of the Zambezi River. Mana Pools is renowned for its landscapes, wildlife sightings and unique opportunities for walking safaris.

Spend the following two days engaging yourself in Mana Pools diverse habitats. Join expert guides on guided game drives. Walking safaris that will help you spot wildlife and understand more about natures wonders. Mana Pools is particularly famous for its populations of elephants, buffalo, hippos well as predators like lions and wild dogs. Be captivated by the beauty of the Zambezi River and its floodplains as you witness awe inspiring vistas and capture photographs of wildlife. In the evenings at your lodge or campsite while relishing meals. Share stories about your days adventures, beneath Africa’s sky.

Day 6 – 7; Matobo National Park

After a breakfast we’ll head over to Matobo National Park, a remarkable place, with its unique balancing rock formations, ancient rock art and vibrant wildlife.

While you’re in Matobo you’ll have the opportunity to go on thrilling game drives and guided walks through the park. Get up close and personal with both white rhinos well as encounter zebras, giraffes and antelopes. Don’t miss out on exploring the captivating rock formations that house San Bushman rock art dating back thousands of years.

Apart from the wildlife encounters and nature walks make sure to visit the resting place of Cecil John Rhodes. That British colonialist and mining tycoon whose grave lies within the park itself. From atop the hills you’ll be treated to breathtaking views while witnessing sunsets over the rocky landscapes.

As your Zimbabwean safari comes to an end lets gather together for a farewell dinner where we can reminisce about all the experiences and memories we’ve made throughout our time here, in Matobo National Park.