6 Day Safari Zambia

Day 1: Arrival in Lusaka and Transfer to South Luangwa National Park

On the day of your tour upon arriving at Lusaka International Airport, our friendly guide will warmly welcome you. Assist with your transfer, to South Luangwa National Park. The scenic drive to the park will take around 5 6 hours allowing you to enjoy the landscapes of Zambias countryside. Once you arrive at the park you’ll be checked into your lodge or camp where you can unwind and settle in.

In the afternoon get ready for a game drive in South Luangwa National Park. Accompanied by a guide you’ll have the opportunity to explore the parks ecosystems teeming with wildlife. Keep an eye out for elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, zebras, antelopes and a fascinating array of bird species. As the sun sets on this day return to your lodge for a dinner and some well deserved relaxation.

Day 2: Full Day Game Drives in South Luangwa National Park

On day two of your trip prepare yourself for a start as you sip on a revitalizing cup of coffee or tea before begining on a day of exciting game drives. South Luangwa National Park is renowned, for its wildlife encounters. Boasts a significant leopard population that captivates both wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike.
During the game drives your experienced guide will accompany you to parts of the park increasing your chances of encountering an array of animals. You might have the exciting opportunity to witness thrilling interactions, between predators and prey observe herds of elephants enjoying a bath in the river or marvel at the movement of giraffes as they roam across the plains. Take pleasure in a picnic lunch in the heart of the park surrounded by the captivating sights and sounds of Africas wilderness. In the afternoon continue exploring the park capturing moments and engaging yourself in natures beauty.

Day 3; Walking Safari and Village Visit

Today presents an opportunity to begin on a walking safari—a highlight of South Luangwa National Park. Accompanied by a guide. Accompanied by an armed scout for safety precautions venture into the park on foot to delve deeper into its untamed wilderness. This unique experience allows you to forge a connection with nature as you observe tracks left behind by wildlife learn about plants that flourish here and discover some of Africas hidden natural wonders.

Later in the afternoon gain insights into culture and traditions through a visit to a nearby village. Interact with locals who eagerly share their daily lives with you—providing an enriching opportunity to gain deeper understanding, about their customs and traditions.
It’s an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the community and truly appreciate the vibrant cultural heritage of Zambia.

Day 4; Travel to Lower Zambezi National Park

After a breakfast say goodbye to South Luangwa National Park. Begin your tour, towards Lower Zambezi National Park. As you travel you’ll be treated to landscapes that will lead you to the banks of the Zambezi River. Upon arrival settle into your lodge. Campsite and take a moment to unwind and embrace the surroundings.

In the afternoon get ready for an exciting boat safari on the Zambezi River. This unique experience allows you to witness a variety of wildlife that call this river home, including hippos, crocodiles, elephants and an array of birds that thrive in the riverine ecosystem. Take in the calmness of the river as you soak up the scenery. Later in the evening return to your lodge for a dinner and a nights sleep.

Day 5; Canoeing and Game Drives at Lower Zambezi National Park

Today offers a chance to explore the beauty of Lower Zambezi from a perspective as you begin on a canoe safari, along its majestic waters. Accompanied by a guide gently paddle downstream while taking in vistas that will leave you breathless.As you glide along the Zambezi River you might come across elephants quenching their antelopes resting on the riverbanks and a variety of bird species soaring above. It’s an personal way to explore the park and connect with nature.

Later, in the day indulge in a game drive within Lower Zambezi National Park. The park is home to a range of wildlife including elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards and different types of antelope. Accompanied by your guide you’ll have the chance to track animals and gain insights into their behaviors and habitats. As the sun sets, return to your lodge for a dinner under the captivating sky filled with stars.

Day 6; Departure from Lusaka

After enjoying breakfast bid farewell to Lower Zambezi National Park as you tour back to Lusaka. The drive will take 4 5 hours providing time, for reflection on the remarkable experiences and encounters you had during your Zambian safari. Once you reach Lusaka you’ll be transferred to the airport for your tour while carrying memories of Zambias mesmerizing wildlife, breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality.

Please keep in mind that this itinerary serves as an example and can be tailored according to your preferences and accommodation availability.
If you’re interested we can arrange activities, like night drives, fishing excursions or cultural encounters based on your request.