3 Day Safari Zambia

Experience the awe inspiring beauty of Zambia with our 3 day safari package. Immerse yourself in the wilderness witness wildlife and create unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever. From thrilling game drives to river cruises this safari adventure will introduce you to the best of Zambia’s natural wonders.

Day 1; Arrival and South Luangwa National Park

as you arrive at Lusaka International Airport our friendly guide will warmly welcome you and take you to your accommodation, in South Luangwa National Park. Known as the birthplace of walking safaris South Luangwa is famous for its variety of wildlife. After settling into your lodge begin on an afternoon game drive. Get ready to spot elephants, majestic lions, elusive leopards, graceful giraffes, zebras galore and an array of bird species. As the sun sets over the horizon savor a dinner at your lodge while surrounded by the sounds of Africas wilderness.

Day 2; Game Drives and Walking Safari

Get up early for an exciting morning game drive when the wildlife is most active. Accompanied by a guide who knows these lands like no other venture through the parks terrain in search of elusive predators and other captivating creatures. South Luangwa is particularly renowned for its concentration of leopards making it an absolute paradise, for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike.
While you explore the park your guide will share their knowledge, about the plants and animals enriching your understanding and appreciation for this incredible ecosystem.

In the afternoon begin on a guided walking safari, an immersive experience to South Luangwa. Feel the excitement of being on foot in the bush as you uncover wonders like tracks, plants and insects while observing larger wildlife from a safe distance. As the sun sets, return to your lodge for a dinner under the sky while reminiscing about the days adventures.

Day 3; Zambezi River. Departure

After breakfast bid farewell to South Luangwa National Park as you transfer to the Lower Zambezi region, where the mighty Zambezi River flows. Upon arrival begin on a boat safari gliding along the waters of this river. Be on the lookout for hippos, crocodiles, elephants and an abundance of bird species as you navigate through this wilderness. The riverine setting offers a perspective, on wildlife by allowing you to observe animals in their habitat from an alternative viewpoint.
Finish your adventure, with a lunch while enjoying the breathtaking view of the Zambezi River. Take in the surroundings before heading to Lusaka International Airport for your onward tour.

Please keep in mind that this proposed itinerary is an example and can be tailored to meet your preferences and accommodation availability. If desired we can also arrange activities like night drives visits to villages or cultural encounters upon request.

begin on an expedition, through Zambia’s landscapes, where you’ll encounter magnificent wildlife and immerse yourself in the unspoiled beauty of this captivating country. Our three day safari package guarantees an experience, where every minute is filled with astonishment and admiration.