4 Days Serengeti Migration Safari Tanzania

Day 1; Arriving in Arusha

When you arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport, in Arusha, Tanzania our representative will warmly welcome you. Help you with immigration procedures. They will then transfer you to your hotel allowing you some time to relax and get accustomed to the city.

Day 2; From Arusha to Serengeti National Park

After having a breakfast it’s time to leave Arusha and fly to Serengeti National Park, which’s famous for its incredible wildlife and the awe inspiring wildebeest migration. Once you land your safari guide will be there to meet you and take you to your lodge or camp located in the heart of the Serengeti.

Indulge in a lunch. Take a moment to unwind before begining on an exciting afternoon game drive. Keep your eyes peeled for the herds of wildebeests, zebras and other grazing animals as they make their way across the plains following their migration routes.. Don’t forget about the predators like lions, cheetahs and hyenas waiting for an opportunity. Afterward return to your accommodation, for a dinner and a deserved overnight stay.

Day 3; Exploring Serengeti National Park. Witnessing the Wildebeest Migration

For the two days of your adventure immerse yourself in exploring the wonders of Serengeti National Park during the wildebeest migration. Each morning starts early so that you can maximize your chances of encountering captivating wildlife moments.
Start your day with a breakfast before begining on a full day adventure of game drives, in the Serengeti. Venture into the wilderness to track the movement of herds and witness the wildebeest migration.

As you follow the migration observe how these majestic creatures traverse plains, cross rivers and bravely face the challenges of predation and survival. Be awestruck by the numbers of animals. Be captivated by the dramatic scenes that unfold before your eyes. Take advantage of this opportunity to capture photographs and immerse yourself in the raw beauty of nature.

Beyond the migration Serengeti National Park is a haven for wildlife. Marvel at elephants, giraffes, buffalos, zebras and an array of antelope species that call this park their home. Birdwatchers will also delight in spotting over 500 bird species offering glimpses into avian life.

During midday when temperatures rise savor picnic lunches amidst the heart of nature. Take a refreshing break back at your lodge. In the afternoons resume your wildlife exploration as you witness dynamics within this ecosystem. Each evening brings you back to your accommodation for a satisfying dinner. Overnight stay.

Day 4; End Of Safari

On Day 4 after enjoying breakfast in Serengeti National Park one time bid farewell to this wilderness as you fly back, to Arusha for departure.
After you arrive our representative will take you to Kilimanjaro International Airport so you can catch your flight. You’ll leave with memories of witnessing the migration, in the Serengeti and experiencing the diverse wildlife, in Tanzanias famous national park.