Birding in Rwanda

Birdwatching in Rwanda is an thrilling experience, for nature enthusiasts and avid bird lovers. With its landscapes and abundant wildlife Rwanda offers an abundance of bird species waiting to be discovered. As you explore the forests and peaceful wetlands you’ll have the chance to witness colorful birds gracefully soaring through the sky or perched on branches. The African Jacana, with its legs and distinctive feathers the intelligent African Grey Parrot known for its beauty and the majestic African Fish Eagle with its call are just a few examples of the captivating birds you may encounter. Thanks to Rwandas dedication to conservation protected areas, like Nyungwe Forest National Park and Akagera National Park provide habitats where these birds can thrive naturally.

Rwanda Birding Safari Packages

Rwanda, a country renowned for its landscapes and resilient wildlife offers an experience, for bird enthusiasts. Referred to as the “Land of a Thousand Hills ” Rwanda boasts an array of over 700 bird species promising an encounter for avid bird watchers. Below are some must visit destinations in Rwanda that will captivate any lover of beauty.

1. Akagera National Park

Nestled along the border Akagera National Park stands out as one of the spots for bird watching in Rwanda. Its diverse ecosystem is home to a variety of treasures, such as the magnificent Lilac breasted Roller, the iconic African Fish Eagle and the rare Shoebill. The parks vast savannah plains and enchanting terrain create a setting for an exceptional bird watching experience.

2. Nyungwe Forest National Park

Located in the part of Rwanda lies Nyungwe Forest National Park – a paradise for bird enthusiasts. This sprawling untouched rainforest boasts an abundance of avifauna species waiting to be discovered. Keep your eyes peeled for the Great Blue Turaco, the Rwenzori Turaco and the elusive Albertine Owlet among many others.

3. Volcanoes National Park

While famous for its mountain gorillas Volcanoes National Park also holds allure for bird life aficionados. With over 200 recorded species calling this park their home it is teeming with avian wonders awaiting exploration. Take pleasure in spotting species like the Rwenzori Double collared Sunbird or encountering handsome francolins during your visit, to this extraordinary wildlife sanctuary.
The parks different elevations and unique plant life create an environment that’s perfect, for observing birds.

4. Rugezi Marsh

Rugezi Marsh is a wetland located at altitude. Has been acknowledged as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International. This marsh boasts a variety of species including some endangered birds like the Grauers Swamp Warbler, which is at risk of extinction. Other notable bird sightings in this area include the Red faced Woodland Warbler and the Strange Weaver.

5. Lake Kivu and its Islands

Lake Kivu, one of Africas lakes not offers beautiful beaches but also incredible opportunities for bird watching. The tranquil waters of the lake and its lush islands are home to bird species such as the White breasted Cormorant, African Fish Eagle and numerous types of kingfishers.

6. Kigali City

in Rwandas capital city of Kigali enthusiasts of bird watching can find joy in encountering a wide range of bird species. The citys gardens and parks provide habitats for birds like the Grey Crowned Crane, which happens to be Rwandas bird well as the strikingly colored Rosss Turaco, with its vivid red and blue hues.

Top 10 Birds Of Rwanda

Rwanda boasts ecosystems that support an array of bird species. Let us explore ten captivating birds that can be found in Rwanda.

1.Here are some remarkable birds that can be found in Rwanda;

1. The Grey Crowned Crane;

Rwanda takes pride in its bird, which’s easily identifiable, by its beautiful golden “crown” of feathers and graceful plumage. It’s a sight especially when spotted in pairs roaming the savannahs.

2. The Great Blue Turaco;

The Nyungwe Forest is home to this bird, known for its blue and yellow colors. Bird enthusiasts are particularly drawn to its appearance.

3. The Shoebill;

Considered one of Africas avian species the Shoebill stands out with its prehistoric looks and distinct bill shape. Spotting this bird in Akagera National Park is truly cherished among nature lovers.

4. The Handsome Francolin;

Found within Volcanoes National Park, the Handsome Francolin is a captivating ground bird that enchants with both its call and exquisite plumage.

5. The Rosss Turaco;

A marvel to behold the Rosss Turaco captivates observers with its crest and stunning blue and white feathers. This enchanting bird is commonly seen in Kigali.

6. The Rwenzori Turaco;

Thriving in the altitudes of the Nyungwe Forest the Rwenzori Turaco stands out with its green and red colors as well as its unique call making it an extraordinary sight, for those fortunate enough to encounter it.

7.The Red faced Woodland Warbler

This charming little bird, commonly found in the Rugezi Marsh is renowned for its song and eye catching red face.

8. The Grauers Swamp Warbler

The Grauers Swamp Warbler, native, to the Albertine Rift is a species that can be observed in the Rugezi Marsh.

9. The Albertine Owlet

Birdwatchers consider the Albertine Owlet as a prized sighting in the Nyungwe Forest. Its small size and distinct call make it an exciting discovery.

10. The Rwenzori Double collared Sunbird

Another fascinating species unique to the Albertine Rift is the Rwenzori Double collared Sunbird cherished for its iridescent colors and distinctive song.

Exploring these locations in Rwanda promises an exhilarating encounter with the country’s birdlife providing an educational experience, for all bird enthusiasts.