7 Day Fishing Tour Rwanda

Experience the beauty of Lake Kivu as you indulge in a fishing trip, where you’ll be amazed by its landscapes and diverse fish population. Get a chance to encounter the monkeys residing in the lush Volcanoes National Park. Capture moments of both life and roaming wildlife through your lens as you combine the joys of fishing with wildlife photography at Akagera National Park. Discover the serenity of Lake Muhazi engaging yourself in its atmosphere. This incredible blend of fishing adventures and fascinating encounters with Rwandas wildlife promises an enthralling tour, through the heart of Africa.

Day 1; Arriving in Kigali, Rwanda

soon as you land at Kigali International Airport your guide will warmly greet you. Accompany you to your hotel. Take some time to rest and get familiar, with the surroundings. If you have time feel free to explore the city and check out markets for some unique souvenirs.

Day 2; Exploring Lake Kivu. Fishing Adventure

begin on a tour to Lake Kivu, one of Africas Great Lakes renowned for its scenery and diverse fish species. Spend a day indulging in a fishing expedition on the lake along with local fishermen. Cast your lines into the crystal waters. Try your luck at catching various fish, like tilapia and Nile perch. Don’t forget to capture the landscapes surrounding the lake while documenting your fishing experiences through photography.

Day 3; Volcanoes National Park. Golden Monkey Trekking and Serenity

Set off on an adventure filled trek through Volcanoes National Park to encounter golden monkeys. Capture their colors and playful behavior as they gracefully move around in the forest. Afterward take some time to unwind and enjoy the ambiance of the park while capturing the enchanting beauty of greenery and scenic landscapes.

Day 4; Akagera National Park. Combining Fishing and Wildlife Photography

Start your day by heading to Akagera National Park, a destination, for its abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery. Experience the blend of fishing and wildlife photography as you explore the parks lakes and rivers. Cast your lines into the water while capturing mesmerizing shots of elephants, hippos, crocodiles and an array of captivating bird species.

Day 5; Akagera National Park. Game Drive with a Touch of Fishing

Prepare for an exciting game drive in Akagera National Park where you can capture images of the parks wildlife, including lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras and graceful antelopes. Later in the day continue your fishing adventure by targeting fish species that inhabit the parks lakes and rivers. Immerse yourself in witnessing the interactions between wildlife while being surrounded by awe inspiring beauty.

Day 6; Lake Muhazi. A Blissful Day of Fishing and Scenic Photography

Discover Lake Muhazi, a tranquil oasis nestled amidst vegetation and rolling hills. Spend a day indulging in fishing on this lake while capturing enchanting photographs that reflect its peaceful ambiance along with the surrounding landscapes. Witness how mountains mirror their presence on the waters as you capture vibrant hues during sunset over this captivating lake.

Day 7; Farewell, from Kigali

Once you finish your breakfast it’s time to say goodbye to the fishing spots and natural wonders of Rwanda. Your guide will accompany you back, to Kigali International Airport for your departure flight officially marking the conclusion of your 7 day fishing adventure in Rwanda.