10 Day Safari Namibia

Day 1; Arriving in Windhoek

When you arrive at Windhoeks Hosea Kutako International Airport our team will warmly welcome you. They will assist you with your luggage. Give you an introduction, to your exciting Namibian safari adventure.
We’ll take you to your accommodation in Windhoek, where you can unwind and relax after your tour.
Take the rest of the day at your pace exploring Windhoek as you please. You can visit markets, museums or savor a dinner at one of the citys renowned restaurants.
Enjoy a stay in Windhoek.

Day 2; Moving to Etosha National Park

After enjoying breakfast we’ll depart from Windhoek. Head towards Etosha National Park, which is renowned as one of Africas wildlife reserves.
During the tour you’ll be treated to captivating landscapes. Get glimpses of life in Namibia.
Once we arrive at Etosha we’ll check in to our lodge located near the parks entrance.
In the afternoon join experienced guides for a game drive within the park. They will help spot wildlife species like elephants, lions giraffes zebras and different types of antelope.
On return to the lodge for a dinner and a relaxing evening, under Africa’s starry sky. During our trip we will have a stay, near Etosha National Park.

Day 3;  Etosha National Park.

After enjoying a breakfast we will set out on morning game drives to maximize our chances of spotting the range of wildlife during their most active hours. Our knowledgeable guides will lead us through the park making sure to visit waterholes where animals gather for opportunities to observe and capture photographs of these creatures. For lunch we’ll have a picnic surrounded by the captivating sights and sounds of the bush. In the afternoon we’ll continue our game drives in parts of the park increasing our chances of encountering animal species. As evening approaches we’ll head back to our lodge for a deserved dinner and some relaxation.

Day 4; Visit Damaraland

On Day 4 after enjoying a breakfast it’s time to say goodbye to Etosha as we begin on a tour towards the enchanting region of Damaraland. The drive itself is an awe inspiring experience as it takes us through landscapes that showcase Namibias beauty. Along the way we’ll make a stop at the Petrified Forest where ancient trees have transformed into stone over millions of years—a testament to natures wonders. Once we arrive at our lodge in Damaraland prepare yourself for tranquility, amidst surroundings. In the evening savor a dinner while appreciating the captivating beauty of the desert landscape surrounding us. We’ll spend another night in Damaraland before continuing with our adventure.

Day 5; Exploring Twyfelfontein and Experiencing the Desert Adapted Elephants

Start your day with a breakfast, before heading to Twyfelfontein, an UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its ancient rock engravings and paintings. Immerse yourself in the historical significance of this site as you explore its intriguing surroundings. In the afternoon brace yourself for an exciting encounter with the desert adapted elephants. These majestic creatures have remarkably adapted to survive in the desert environment. Get ready to witness them in their habitat learning about their behavior and the dedicated conservation efforts aimed at ensuring their protection.  As twilight descends return to your lodge for a dinner and some well deserved relaxation. Enjoy a stay in Damaraland.

Day 6; tour to Swakopmund

After a breakfast we will bid farewell to Damaraland. begin on an enchanting tour towards Swakopmund, a charming coastal town. Throughout the drive be captivated by landscapes that transition from desert plains to enchanting views of the Atlantic coastline.  Upon arrival in Swakopmund settle into your accommodation before delving into an afternoon of exploration. Take time to discover all that this town has to offer or simply unwind by soaking up the sun on one of its beaches.

As evening approaches treat yourself to a dinner at one of Swakopmunds restaurants where you can indulge in fresh seafood delicacies and savor the unique coastal flavors. Enjoy an stay in Swakopmund.

Day 7; begining on a Coastal Adventure

Get ready for a coastal adventure as you embrace another exciting day, in Swakopmund.

There are plenty of activities to choose from, during your trip. You can go on a cruise to spot dolphins and seals try quad biking in the desert dunes enjoy sandboarding down the slopes or take a flight over the stunning Skeleton Coast. You’ll have the opportunity to savor a lunch at a restaurant and experience the delightful flavors of Namibia. In the evening treat yourself to dinner at a seaside eatery where you can admire the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.For your stay you’ll be in Swakopmund.

On Day 8 after breakfast we’ll leave Swakopmund.

Head towards the Sossusvlei area. The drive will take us through awe inspiring desert landscapes with chances for photography stops along the way. Once we arrive at our lodge near Sossusvlei you can settle in. Get comfortable.Later in the afternoon join us for a sundowner drive where you can appreciate the beauty of the desert scenery and capture sunset moments. We’ll return to our lodge for dinner and relaxation. Your overnight stay will be near Sossusvlei.

Day 9; over Sossusvleis sand dunes.

Start your day with a breakfast. Then begin on an exciting adventure, into the heart of Sossusvlei. Here you’ll have the opportunity to climb the sand dunes and take in panoramic views. Don’t miss the chance to visit Deadvlei, a captivating sight where ancient camel thorn trees stand against orange sands.

Take a break from exploration. Enjoy a picnic lunch amidst the deserts natural beauty. In the afternoon return to the lodge and unwind allowing yourself to be enveloped by the peacefulness of your surroundings.In the evening come together for a farewell dinner where you can share stories and memories from your safari experience. Spend the night near Sossusvlei before heading to Windhoek on

Day 10. End Of Safari

As your tour comes to an end bid farewell to Namib Desert. Make your way back to Windhoek. Upon arrival in Windhoek you’ll be transferred either to the airport or your chosen accommodation for departure. Depart with memories of a Namibian safari adventure that will leave a lasting impression on you. Please note that this itinerary can be tailored according to your preferences and is subject to availability of accommodations and activities. Get ready for wildlife encounters, stunning landscapes and enriching experiences throughout your safari, in Namibia.